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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Journal - 4/02/09

Grinding it out...

Cat Cay has blocked facebook on their wireless network. So, no facebook e-mail for the week. Sorry for not responding to those people who wanted life-watch updates... not the best type of e-mail to leave unanswered... April fools?

I'm docked at Cat Cay (Bimini) waiting on calm seas for another Gulf Stream crossing--this Sat night into Sunday looks flat. For the last couple weeks I've been marathon sailing and then playing poker for a couple days at the marinas... grinding out the miles and the tables.

The sail from Chub Cay to Cat Cay (Bimini), was both beautiful and tiresome... open water only 20ft deep, aqua green, and clear. I putted along at about 5mph for most of the 80 mile sail. Which gave me more than enough time to take in the view.

Slow on flat water still feels more comfortable than going faster in rough seas. The sail from Nassau to Chub in 5-8ft seas was not as fun as I had anticipated. I remember leaving Nassau Harbor and seeing these giant breakers in the distance that were splashing well above the palm trees... "Those can't be waves... Oh shit." Turns out they were waves. New 'speed' record for the trip though: 13.4mph!

Thus, I wait here in Cat for the projected calm seas of this weekend... Solo sailing is an experience--that's all I have to say about that.

Ian Graham, April 2, 2009

Note to self: do not leave auto pilot at home for next sailing trip.