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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Journal - 02/27/11 - Abaco to New Providence

Here's another long overdue trip update going all the way back to before New Year's. December 15th-Feb15th.

After holing up at Man O' War cay for about ten days, I met up with Yosef in Marsh Harbour just before Christmas time. We met some good people in Abaco and ended up befriending a family from Calgary which we saw again in Nassau. Calgary is in Alberta if that helps you at all.

After weathering a gale at Guana Cay, Yos and I sailed down to Nassau for New Year's. Fortunately we missed the golf cart parade on Guana Cay, but who knows.

The plan was to sail to Northern Exuma, anchor the night at Spanish Wells, and continue onward to New Providence. Turns out the GPS was wrong and the passage to the harbor at Spanish Wells did not exist. Two trips turned into one 22hr 100mile+ over night sail. Auto pilot made the trip easy, I half slept all the way. You could see Nassau on the night horizon by the city lights which also made navigation easy.

For New Year's, Yosef and I gambled at Atlantis until meeting the Canadians to go celebrate Junkanoo which started at 3am. Junkanoo was great--an elaborate Bahamian street parade with decorated floats, choreographed dancers, and well rehearsed brass bands. Around 5 to 6am everyone could barely keep their eyes open and we all called it a night. I was hearing tuba and trumpet for the next two days. Maybe that was the hangover.

(Also, felt like a degenerate sitting at a blackjack table as the ball dropped, but a good night nonetheless)

Yosef left a grizzled sailor and over the next month more friends came to visit. Between Mason, Chris, Joe, Erica, Kristi and Sven, we drank well, gambled a healthy amount, and had a pretty good time. Whether it was playing volleyball on the beach, sailing over to rose island, or sneaking into the lazy river at the Atlantis water park, I'd say it was a Winter month well spent.

Thanks to everyone that made the trip. It made my experience better and I know I'm looking forward to adventures in the future. Erica I sold your I-pod to buy Kristi a straw bag, sorry.

Now the question is, do I go back to New York, or do I go farther?

Ian Graham

February 28, 2011

P.S. The next boat over is called the 'Irish Hooker.' A real classy section of the marina for sure.


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Anonymous said...

Fuck Marcos.

Bean, glad you made it back to NYC instead of extending the trip. Hope you got your land legs back!