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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Journal - 2/19/08

A rough night... Eats for a day…

After clearing customs at West End we sailed to the nearest excuse for a cove and dropped anchor. “This will do” we speculated. Initially the waves were calm enough to lull us to sleep, but as the sun went down the boat began to rock.

The boat rocked hard, ninety degrees from left to right the entire night. People were falling out of beds, pots and pans were rattling around the cabin. Throughout the night I would yell out in disgust: “I hate this anchorage!” But there was nothing we could do; we were too tired to move and it was night. The waves would stop for a couple minutes here and there—just long enough to keep us comatose.

The next day…

A couple local fishermen took pity on us when they saw Andrew and Van struggling to prepare a ten-inch fish. We ended up grilling fresh Mahi steaks—best meal we’ve had on the trip…

At the moment we are safely docked in Port Lucaya. Our tasks the last few days have been few: read, sit by da beach, be on time for happy hour specials, and cook. The plan is to continue our stay in Port Lucaya until Sunday when we will sail into the wild of the Berry Islands.

Just wanted to throw a post up. I’ll write about our stay in Lucaya before we head south to get grizzled in the Berry’s.

-Ian Graham, February 19, 2009

“Whiskey Deck, somewhere between a dream and a wreck.”

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