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Friday, February 20, 2009

Journal - 2/20/09

A true open bar... Shelter from the storm...

So we ended up staying four nights at Old Bahama Bay Yacht Club to the tune of $200 total. Not bad considering we absolutely crushed the Friday night open bar from 4-5pm.

A true open bar is hard to find these days. Most open bars restrict patrons to a couple drinks and the service is generally slow. Getting more than a few free drinks becomes an operation. This wasn’t the case at Old Bahama Bay—multiple hot plates of o’dourves, platters of cold beer, any drink on the menu—and speedy service: a deadly combination. Did I mention this was all completely free?!

Needless to say, we really got after it for an hour. Our bill would have easily been in the hundreds of dollars, not to mention the backpack full of beers.

Did we feel guilty? Shit, no. The staff was actively encouraging us to take as much as we could—so we did. I almost felt we would be letting them down by not maintaining the aggressive pace with which we began. Towards the end of the hour I wasn’t even enjoying my drinks…

We topped off the night by stumbling around the property amidst games of bocce ball… bickering over whose ball was closest… finding twigs to measure the inches.

Rest and relaxation was just what we needed after a couple rough nights. By day five at Old Bahama Bay we were ready to set sail once again. Onward to Port Lucaya… in good spirits.

Ian Graham, February 20, 2009

"Today we sail unto the sea, raise a drink for ‘ole Whisky!"

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Anonymous said...

You win some and you dim sum. About time you finally won one.